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Using “Out of the Box” Methods

The author of this site has never been satisfied with routine ways to determine which team is better in sports and by how much. One thing that is never taken under consideration is “pointspread history.”  The most  important game that a team has played is its last, not one that occurred in 2014 or five years ago. If a team has a spread record of 9-1 versus today’s opponent we hope you were on it all those ten  games, but that doesn’t really affect the score our methods produce.  Do we win all the time or hit the listed percentages of handicappers on other sites? No, there is no way that any analyst is going to go above 57% for an extended period of time. This percentage is not reachable and the factor that holds it back is “Lady Luck,” whose presence determines the final outcome in more than 25% of all games played and in all sports.  In this site you will get our basic final score projections in all sports and without any established cost. Everything, the time being will be on a donation  basis with other products occasionally available for purchase.   The primary task of this site is to uncover new ways to predict sports final scores and we are well aware that most research fails and the goal is to correct mistakes and  continue a trial and error approach until the right mixture is found. Jim Barnes is in the twi-light of an analysis career that began with his first study in  1968 that measured all players in the NBA as to their value.  The study was conducted  using a hand held calculator and took months to complete and two NBA teams  expressed an interest (Kansas City and Detroit). Jim Barnes expects to be back on line next Monday.  Thank you for taking the  time to visit this site.
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