Make America Great Again - Vote for Putin

Jim Barnes 

October becomes a medical nightmare this mid-week with a test that no man in his right mind looks forward to (Trump excused as he tries not to grin as Matt Damon gives an SNL performance as Brett Kavanaugh, the president's second Supreme Court pick).  Yes, in most cases president should begin with a capital "p," but not in my personal opinion as of now.

The changes to long-standing ODI forecast system began great, but lately the auto index update is not performing as it should.  Somewhere inside all the formulas I have evidently made a mistake.  My doctors keep saying "Your mind is great for an 84-year-old."  My computer savvy 8-year-old grandson comments, "You sure don't now much about programming do you, grandpa -  Let me show you how to do that."  

The rights to domain names "" and "" will continue to be owned by family or trust - even though I will tentatively pull the plug on this website in early March.  (Why not?  I add something new about once a month - and never anything of importance).  Last month I had 8 visitors - far below the 1,337 per day when my name had some value to those learning handicapping.

What bugs me the most about football are the high college scores that could be reduced by keeping the clock running more like in the NFL.  A 52-48 final is not representative of the sport - rule changes that limit what a defensive player can do and timing procedures have nearly ruined the game.  Maybe it is time for "flag football."  I  watched part of one college game Saturday night and skipped every Sunday NFL contest.  (Baseball is seldom on my viewing schedule.) 

Most of my time is spent napping with CNN in the background. 

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