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Why doesn't CNN change its nightly story on "Trump White House" to a more common name, "Dumb and Dumber."  Donald and Rudy are head to head in this farce where investigations are being launched into investigators during the preliminary investigations.  Every day former President George W. Bush is thankful for Trump.

In rushing to get the Daily Forecast edition online I have ignored the seasonal W-L for the current ODI model.  The last two days, when added to the mix, brings the overall record to 251-232 or 53% on all games played in the majors since April 14. The 27-7 streak was tempered the last two days (no surprise there) finishing 15-10; the last two days show 7-3 and 8-7 logs.   

WNBA forecasts are included in the Sports Journal and, when there is a three point overlay or more on sides or total, has a 2-1 mark on sides and 8-2 on totals.  The Over-Under has been calling for almost every WNBA game to finish with more points than expected. 

While the visitors obtaining this report is still half of what is was earlier in the season, the results are still running somewhat "soft" in baseball, a two percent climb would be nice, and the WNBA - particularly in totals - will not retain this level.  

Daily Sports Journal.pdf  The lowest number of visitors that I have had since the resumption of forecasting on a daily basis has been the past two days. Three days ago my forecasts were absolutely horrible (probably only the 101st time in 40-years).   So only a few bothered to check back Saturday and Sunday and get a combined 27 of 34 right.  I am no different than anyone else and readily admit it, both good and bad days occur. The last two days have increased the record since April 14 to 54%, a jump of two percent in a couple of days.