I have Trump disease - waffling about what is ahead

Awaiting the return of Harry Truman

Jim Barnes 

I  have a terrible issue with Trumpitis, what I say on Tuesday could change by Thursday.  

The problem is one of aging.  While present friends, and all of my medicare doctors  who are getting about 1/10th of normal costs, also agree that working on a daily basis is a very highly rated prescription..... I dunno.

Some days I feel up it.  Others the mere thought seems overwhelming.

There are days when I never touch my duo laptops, others I am punching keys and moving the mouse for 10-hours.   Every idea is printed on a "sticky note."  The collection is growing, none have been discarded because I have not taken the time to review them.

Two years of constant infections in leg, bloodstream, bladder and prostate have pretty much grounded any thought of ever writing again.  This past week one giant problem could be solved with a difficult to grasp procedure that will be explained in full detail in about two weeks.

The most dangerous issue will not be touched.  A chest aneurysm is growing at a "significant rate," and no one wants to attempt to find and stop an apparent stent endoleak.  So, I guess each day begins by judging where I am waking up and do I have that 193-pound frame that hurts everywhere except my hair of do I possess wings and/or a pitchfork.

Work on the ODI has kept me somewhat interested, and the only reason that I even turn on either laptop.

I am reading texts about WordPress, connecting MS Access, Excel and Word, writing short books  for Amazon publication and pondering the return of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly newsletter.  A nap usually follows as I return to my senses.

My choice for the College Super Bowl is Alabama versus Notre Dame.  (Bama is the best college team that I have watched in more than six decades, the Irish one of the luckiest.)  Bama could be in for a tough one, winning by 34-3.