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A close friend and expert in sports service marketing has advised me to stop trying to compete against super power companies. The financially sound firms make lines, offer free general advice, sell selections cheaply, and accept wagers or get a fee from sportsbooks where they have a connection. It is going to take three to five years to get national sports betting on a firm foundation. Without a big name, such as CBS or Vegas Insider promoting you, chances for success are minimal. At present my wife and I are involved in a family matter that is consuming more time than we anticipated and it will take several months to solve. This is a high priority and conflicts with the many hours i spend on this website. The only sports betting product that I am remembered for is the “Journal of Handicapping.” I am into research daily and will continue it. As far as daily projections, no chance of doing any better than this past summer and didn’t earn a cent and global sites have more than enough “handicapping disposables.” Legal wagering is very tempting, too. I have so much unpublished material I might try to write a book, either in Amazon, ebook or spiral bound formats. Realistically, I might be able to write one a month for a year to release my methods and findings.
Jim Barnes Journal
© James A. Barnes 2019
Oval   pigskins   will   be   flying   this   weekend   as   college   football   gets   underway   tomorrow
with   two   Division-I   games   and   a   couple   of   FCS   contests   on   the   board.     The   third   week   of   the   NFL
pre-season folly has Cleveland at Tamp