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Fourth  Virginia Championship Player heads to NBA
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Thursday, April 18, 2019
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Ty        Jermone        was        first underclassman    to    declare    for    the NBA.     Virginia     teammates     Kyle Guy    and    De’Andre    Hunter    made the     same     move     a     day     later. Yesterday     the     Cavaliers     6-9 forward    Mamadi    Diakite    says    he      will    skip    his    senior    season    for    a chance   to   make   “big   bucks”   in   pro basketball. In    a    week    national    champion Virginia   is   changing   from   a   team favored   to   repeat   to   another   level, rebuilding. Suspension   is   not   an   issue   as Louisiana   State   re-instated Athletic Director    Joe   Alleva.        Next    came news    that    instead    of    being    the school’s     AD,     Alleva      will      be lowered   to   something   referred   to   as “Assistant   to   the   LSU   President   for donor relations.” In   the   NBA   playoffs,   news   that Golden     State     center     DeMarcus Cousins     will     not     require     quad surgery,   but   will   miss   the   Clippers series. He    suffered    the    injury    in    the opening   period   of   Monday’s   wild
contest. Andrew       Bogart       will       replace Cousins in the post, beginning tonight. The   Dodgers   have   hit   a   home   run   in 13      consecutive      home      games      this season,   and   19   more   if   the   final   Dodger Stadium games of 2018 are added. A.   J.   Pollock   broke   a   0-0   tie   with   a three   home   run   last   night   that   paved   the way   for   the   Dodgers   3-2   victory   over Cincinnati. With   a   pair   of   wins   versus   Oakland in   Japan   March   20-21,   Seattle   rushed   to the    top    of    the   AL    West    with    a    13-2 record. Like   an   apple   thrown   in   the   air   by   a dude   named   “Newton,”   what   goes   up must come down. The   Mariners   are   now   mired   in   a six   game   losing   streak   -   and   every   loss was    in    front    of    local    fans.    Cleveland ended the home stand with a 1-0 win. Although    the    Mariners    still    have (barely)     the     major     league     in     runs scored,    their    average    per    game    has dropped five per start. A   major   league   leading   streak   of   a home    run    in    their    first    20    games    of
2019   ended   this   week.   The   explosive offense has vanished. The    downturn    could    easily    reach seven   straight   as   Seattle   travels   to   Los Angels Angels. Mike    Trout,    in    his    15    games,    is hitting    ,366    with    five    homers    and    a dozen RBI. Houston’s     10-game     win     streak snapped    last    night    when    Oakland’s Matt   Chapman   hit   a   home   to   carve   a   2- 1 triumph over the Astros. There   were   a   number   of   other   very low   scoring   games   -   Philadelphia   3-2 over    the    Mets,    Dodgers    3-2    versus Cincinnati,     and     both     Arizona     and Pittsburgh   also   posted   3-2   wins   against Atlanta and Detrot, respectively. Tampa    Bay’s    Ryne    Stanek    again started   versus   Baltimore,   pitched   one scoreless   inning   and   was   replaced   by normal   rotation   hurler   Yonny   Chirinos who pitched the next five innings. Does   Stanek   get   credit   for   another start   and   win;   the   Rays   costed   to   an   8-1 conquest of the Orioles. Cole    Hamels    (Cubs)    and    Carlos Carrasco   (Indians)   pitched   a   combined 14-scoreless innings Wednesday.
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A   trio   of   games   in   the   NBA   tonight,   and in each playoff series teams are all 1-1. This    is    unexpected    as    both    Golden State   and   San Antonio   should   be   playing   vs Los   Angeles   Clippers   and   Denver   with   2-0 leads in their first round best of seven. The    Warriors    blew    a    31-point    third period     lead     in     a     135-131     loss     to     the Clippers,   the   largest   playoff   rally   in   NBA anals. The   Spurs   managed   to   waste   19-point third    period    edge    in    a    114-105    setback versus the Nuggets. Doubtful   the   76ers   and   Nets   will   again total 268-points. Click Sports Forecast for ODI forecast.
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