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I have been advised that the aging body is going to require several surgeries, one in the middle of the next month and other, far more serious, beginning in January and may require several more to solve a fairly severe situation. Obviously, while I am working about three days a week on data structure models and automation, January 1 return is not possible. I will update you as to when I can resume sports analysis. And this is what is commonly referred to as “Golden Years.” (I would settle for used copper.)
The most popular question asked on a daily basis is “Who do ya’ lke?” The late John Luckman, founder of Las Vegas’ Gamblers Book Club, paid Jim to create the popular 1980s “Journal of Handiappng,” aimed at answering bettors foremost questions. For 76-consecutive weeks GBC and Barnes turned out the highly praised publication and he was aiso a co-instructor at Clark County Community College’s course on “Sports Wagering.” Jim not only was one the first guest mentors but his theories resulted in an invitation to speak to the International Gaming convention in Monaco. The only place where “Best of Jim Barnes,” a spiral bound publication, can be found is in the UNLV library and it cannot be checked out. Jim will be re-publishing sections of the “Journal” when this site is re-activated in less than two months. THIS IS THE LOCATION WHERE EVERY SPORTS BETTOR SHOULD START HIS DAY Look for seasonal previews, exclusive ratings and useful handicapping methods
November 22
Jim Barnes Journal
© James A. Barnes 2019
Oval pigskins will be flying this weekend as college football gets underway tomorrow with two Division-I games and a couple of FCS contests on the board. The third week of the NFL pre-season folly has Cleveland at Tamp