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“My bad.” I have not kept anyone up to date on what is happening or tasks currently being undertaken. I have caught up to date with both NCAA and NFL football, and re-working a more advanced ODI system. However, some thing is wrong inside both college methods. Doing it the old fashioned way it began at 60%, climbed to 65% after four weeks and then a dramatic downturn. As of this date the winning percent has dipped to an all-time low of 54%. The other model is based more on analyzing the lines instead of final scores and it also began around 60% but while the standard procedure tanked, the new idea is close to 70%. with far less recommendations. After doing handicapping analysis for more than four decades, I realize that this percentage is definitely not attainable and am re-working all elements to find what errors have not been found. Time is also being spent on the NBA and NCAA basketball and I hope to get some info to you as soon as I can.
October 21
Jim Barnes Journal
© James A. Barnes 2019
Oval   pigskins   will   be   flying   this   weekend   as   college   football   gets   underway   tomorrow
with   two   Division-I   games   and   a   couple   of   FCS   contests   on   the   board.     The   third   week   of   the   NFL
pre-season folly has Cleveland at Tamp