Returning with new Ideas -  Soon

Jim Barnes 

All medical sources have encouraged me to get active for what is probably the last time.  A most recent surgery solved another three-year perplexing problem that had to wait until two weeks ago and while I am sore the situation is apparently solved.  

Of course, not one to just sit around and watch movies, although I do view films now more than in the past, my mind wanders into the future.

While the ODI method has served me fairly well, a possible breakthrough has changed it dramatically. I feel the trail might lead to something as giant as getting rid of Utah senator hatch and president trump.  (Sorry neither deserves "capital" respect, a personal political observation.  Yes, I am too old to refrain from commenting on politics - which is advice from family members.)

What is taking time is that I have to re-formulate all the NBA and College basketball games since the start of this season.  This requires a major input of time and I am rushing as fast as possible.

This website will probably have a different look to it.