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It has been a very long time since I have updated this website, circumstances on  a number of fronts prohibited this from happening.   Obviously, trying to update a daily  final score publication is no longer possible, but frequent commentary should not be troublesome. During the past three years, in addition to watching 90% of Netflix offerings, I have begun to review all the factors tied to the ODI system. The method has found more of a home in basketball than in football and through the first four weeks of  2017 my opinion was to jettison the project; then weeks five and six did as well as in the past.  This indicated some fine tuning might be more valuable.  When first aimed at College Basketball (1980s-90s) the method won at an 80% clip versus totals posted by offshore books.  As a result, most foreign books stopped college totals for a short-time and I was hired by the STARDUST as a consultant.
This is the first major league baseball season that I kept more than just a shallow set of numbers, the goal has always - and still is  to stick mostly with underdog road teams.  Ideally, the best play is when the forecast has the road team either winning or even with a home favorite. There are two things that I am convinced are handicapping truths. (1)  In baseball, pitching is far less important than how the team is playing. At mid-season, 213 different pitchers had started games and only 13 retained the ability to win when getting less than normal support.  A pitcher W-L is more linked to offensive backing than the hurler’s talent.  (2) Speed ratings are grossly over- rated in thoroughbred racing; far more essential is the horse’s current performance and placement in the proper  race.  Sorry, Beyer. This a brand new update of a website program that I used until my near fatal mishap in 2013 and am having to learn the steps once again.  This may take a few days, but am working diligently on the project. (Unless I see a good move online.)
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