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A Cut to the Chase Website - 2018

Jim Barnes 

I have not been paying any attention to this website and updates were ignored as often as D. Trump changes his mind. I was prepared to call it quits after my last attempt at resuming a daily score forecast was quickly put to rest by overwhelming hours and family rebellion.

Totally prepared to take all my old and new handicapping concepts to the grave, a long-time friend was of the opinion that would be a giant mistake.  There are few people in sports that I pay too much attention to, but one that I honor is Jim Feist.  He has been a great friend,  adviser and also  bossman, since the 1980s.

Jim feels turning away from my theories and methods is not the right way to exit.  His advice is forget daily and updating ratings and publish all my methods, theories and systematic handicapping models.  He pointed out that I was, in his opinion "a legend" and future periodicals would reinforce my "legacy." 

Ok.  I will try and get periodicals and or articles together. At least I don't lack for material and certainly possess all the right software to accomplish any goal.  I must admit, before writing any words that any success that came my way in the past was because I was at the "right place at the right time."

Deciding to move from Asheville, N. C. to Las Vegas almost 40-years ago was the best decision that I ever made - and it changed my life.  Feist gave a giant backing, not only financial when things were tough but promoting a website that at its peak averaged more than 1,300 visitors per day and 277,000 per year.  He says he always looked forward to my weekly "Journal of Handicapping."

This site now gets about one viewer per week, someone just checking back to see if (1) I am still alive and (2) if there are any publications available now or in the near future.  THANK YOU ALL YOUR INTEREST and I will do as Feist recommends and have already started formatting a "Jim Barnes Journal."