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Well known sports analyst Allen Moody, writer of the long-term New York Times' About Sports website, lists Jim Barnes as the 5th person he would add to a mythical Las Vegas Sports Betting Hall of Fame. None of the current handicappers on this list is still alive and Barnes is reaching into his 80s. His interest in sports dates back to the 1940s when he took naps listening to Chicago Cubs games. He used sports scores and statistics to create what is one of the first ever analysis of NBA players and two pro teams contacted him about his study (1968-1969). After creating what became Sports Illustrated Series table top games (Statis-Pro published by Avalon Hill), Barnes ventured into explaining ways to conduct your own game forecasting; leading to his consultant role with the famed Las Vegas Sports and Racebook under three different managers. If you read what Jim Barnes says you will no longer think baseball is 80% pitching or pay a lot of attention to horse racing speed ratings. His publication and handicapping theories have been adopted by many of today's sports services. Go to the source and learn for yourself....before it is too late.

Take a look at his  preview of the 2018 baseball season, published prior to the first game being played; it can be found under "Publications Link."  .  If you are hungry for sports data (and methods) feast on this site  every day.  You will never know what is being served.

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