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While the NFL is targeting a regular season schedule, major league baseball is running into owner-player difficulties. The wealthy owners want a 50-50 split from television income, the rich players aren’t eager to sign the proposal. The NBA is anxious to finish their season in Orlando where Disneyland is offering space to play spectator-less games. (So, goes the need for keeping home and away statistics.) To make the games more life-like “fake audience cheers” are a possibility. This is like watching a 30-minute comedy program where laughter is supplied by a sound engineer (deserved or not). Fans were given a Memorial weekend golf viewing as Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning won by one hole over Phil Mickelson and grossly overrated Tom Brady. I would like to comment on the match that raised $20-million, except for the fact it didn’t appeal. A NASCAR event saw Brad Keselowski nip Jimmy Johnson at the finish line, only to learn later that Johnson’s car was lowered to 3rd after failing a post-race probe. Horse racing is enjoying the most attention it has since Secretariat in the 1970s. More and more tracks are operating, no fans allowed. The sport has been devastated in past decades, losing Ak-Sar-Ben, Ascot, Atlantic City, Bel Air, Beulah Park, Bowie, Commodore Downs, Cumberland Detroit Race Course, Santa Fe Downs, Eurka, Rockingham, Syracuse Mile, Trinity Meadows, Tropical Park, and Woodlands. I almost forgot to mention only Golden Gate, a beautiful oceanside setting, survives in San Francisco. My favorite 1950’s site (Bay Meadows) is gone along with other San Francisco tracks. No more Hollywood Park as Los Angeles retains Santa Anita. Kentucky is operating now, New York joining in a couple of days.
May, 17, 2020
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