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Stardust Analyst (1993-2004)
Jim Barnes
Allen Moody (left drawing), responsible for the New York Times former website “About Sports”, says - “When I received my first bound edition of his J ournal of Handicapping in the mail from Gambler’s Book Club , I was amazed and spent hours digesting each article of my ever- expanding Jim Barnes collection, which grew to include all of the Journals as well as “Best of Jim Barnes.” Moody says when someone asks him about publications, he tells them to try and find anything written by Jim Barnes. He adds, “They are hard to find.”
Where You Should Start Your Sports Handicapping Day
November 30, 2020
49ers Looking for Temporary Site for the Next Three Weeks
If you are like me and connecting to the internet is like trying to read the Dead Sea Scrolls, the world wide web is overwhelmed with shoppers - big days for Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.

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