journal research

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     This is where you will find out what I am up to, updated on an "as needed basis."

     As an example, every effort is being made to get the basic JOURNAL in top notch condition....the goal has always been provide readers with valid information that might assist them in the rigors of final score forecasting.  The problem an individual faces is storing and relying on "too much information."  Years (centuries is the minds of others" have taught me to "Keep it simple stupid."

      Many of my best concepts have been created when a whole ton of data is thrown through a procedure that I developed while at University of Northern Iowa that takes a giant matrix, finds out factors that deliver and comes up a model based on those alone.  Some math inventions are so easy (and fast) that a 16-year old could have bred the same animal with only half as much effort.

     The ODI (Offense-Defense Index) is what its name implies.  An OFFENSE number is written down and the opponent's DEFENSE index is either added or subtracted from the offense. The result is the number of points, runs or goals that the offense is likely to score.

     What could be more simple?  Yes I have used it - in one form or another - for more than 30-years.  The ODI is the basis for every forecast found in the JOURNAL.

     There are probably other versions of this idea, a thought that doesn't bother me much. A veteran researcher is always looking for new avenues or repairing the "infastructure" he has built.